A unique platform to improve the quality of your online business. Market-driven test advice to let you know when & what to test.

News & Recommendations

News & Recommendations
The only information source you need.

  • Our dedicated expert team is evaluating the upcoming news, rating its severity & provide advice for further actions
  • In urgent cases all users get an alert email or push notification

Stop guessing, start knowing.

  • Test the highest market coverage with the lowest effort
  • Test advice for selected countries
  • Plan up to 1 year ahead
  • Know which combinations of devices, OS and browsers your customers use


Your business can’t afford to not use it.

Speed Efficiency
  • Prediction model to include future trends into your test cycle, plan up to 1 year ahead
  • Speed up your reaction time to digital service environment changes & vulnerabilities
  • Test advice for selected countries
  • Focus your resources and save cost & time to keep your employees up-to-date
Customer Satisfaction Quality
Customer Satisfaction
  • Know about potential compatibility issues before your customers
  • Don’t loose sales opportunities, because your online service is not running properly
  • Analytical data from many trusted sources in order to create a valid and representative data set
  • Get accurate data and make informed decisions together with the whole team


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We have customers in various industries like banking, telecommunication and OTT/VoD.

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